The Wimberly headjoint can be a wonderful and inexpensive alternative to a new flute by providing you with very effective tonal improvements to your existing flute.  Silver or gold heads will provide you with just that extra tonal complexity and projection that you seek. The Wimberly Headjoint is cut precisely to be the maximally efficient tone generation mechanism it should be. He has made a particular study of how to achieve consistent projection at all playing levels and with the widest variety of tone colors. Wimberly designs the head (and the entire flute) to have the responsiveness and flexibility to let you do what you want with confidence, to allow you to go beyond what you have ever been able to do before. Response is quick, and volume is easily controlled to ensure that on both low and high notes sound will remain stable and pitch true. A marriage of resistance and fluidity gives you ease of playing and clarity even in the highest notes. Powerful, penetrating volume lets you fill the hall, even when playing the softest note.