FMC Flute Masters was established in 1992 by three craftsmen who became independent from the Yamaha Flute company. FMC was originally set up as THE repair shop for professional players from around the world. Yoichi Nojima and Keiichi Toyoda quickly became known internationally for their outstanding repair skills. Their expertise extended to also restoring old French flutes, such as Louis Lot and Godfroy.

As a team they restored or repaired thousands of instruments. Through this experience, they decided to start manufacturing their own flutes in order to meet the various needs of professional flutists which they felt had not been addressed by the existing big makers. They studied and mastered both the traditional means of manufacturing and they also explored new technologies available to them. Able to combine these two worlds, Nojima and Toyoda have been able to manufacture a flute of unparalleled beauty and refinement. Their flutes possess a unique "old world" sound, but yet with the modern scale and head joint cut, they also carry the projection and resonance needed in our modern orchestras. FMC Flute Masters flutes and piccolos, we feel, are one of the most versatile and flexible instruments manufactured today. They will express your voice, your individuality.