A flute made of gold or platinum (or both) is not only an exceptionally fine tool for making beautiful music, but also a true work of art. Many of the world's best players choose to play on gold and platinum instruments because they claim it allows for more variation in tone color and a warmer sound generally. Platinum and gold flutes generally hold their value extremely well, and every gold flute has its own truly unique sound. Most flutes made of gold or platinum have a silver mechanism, but for those willing to go the extra mile, we have flutes with gold mechanism as well. The added weight of a gold mechanism will certainly affect a flute's resistance, its weight, and its price! While 14K gold is most common, many flute makers use other alloys, like 9K, 10K, 18K, 19.5K or even 22K because of the unique tonal characteristics of each alloy. Nobody has as many gold and platinum flutes as the Flute Center of New York! Come and take a look.