FCNY's Virtual Flute Choir

The Flute Center of New York along with over 500 flutists from all over the world present the Virtual Flute Choir! Flutists came together from far apart, recording audio and video remotely during April 2020.
The media was then compiled by the team at the Flute Center, creating this composite video.
Thank you to the many flutists who contributed to this project - we are so grateful.
Check out their locations on our map:
Submissions are now closed. Eveyone who submitted videos will be sent an email with the finished result as soon as it is completed!
- We will be recording the theme of Holst's "Jupiter" from the Planets, arranged for flute choir.   You can find the music for free online. Email emily@flutecenter.com if you need help getting the music.
- We will be compiling a composite video of all of the video recording submitted, so we hope you will send us a video! However, we will also accept and use audio files.


Part Assignments:

To make sure we have enough players on each part, please abide by the following part assignments. However, if your assigned part is too difficult, you may choose an easier part.
If your birthday falls during:
January or February - flute 1 
March or April - flute 2
May or June - flute 3
July, August or September- flute 4
October, November, or December - flute 5  (optional bass flute)



Tempo: Use headphones to listen to a metronome or click track while you record. Our tempo is quarter note = 66.
Don't forget to use headphones for your metronome/click track! We don't want to hear your metronome/click track in your video. 

We recommend using your phone or computer to make the video.

There is a written "ritard" in the music. Do NOT follow this marking! Please continue at quarter note = 66.

Please count rests carefully! 

Tuning: Please tune to A=440 hz. Most modern flutes will need to pull the headjoint out to be in tune.

Some tips for recording:
  • Stay in the yellow. On most recording devices, you'll see the audio levels moving up to yellow and eventually red. Red could mean things were too loud and will sound distorted; yellow is likely not too soft/loud.
  • If you record with something like your phone, you may not have this visual feedback. Record a small amount then listen back on headphones. Being further from your phone may avoid distorted sounds, but increases how much we hear the room. The happy medium may be a view where we see performers from the waist up, but this could vary.
  • If possible, record where there aren't extra noises. Take time to listen to the room so that we can just enjoy the sound of flutes, not flutes and something else.


Submitting Your Recording:

To join the Virtual Flute Choir, please submit the entry form no later than April 5, 2020


Submissions are now closed. Thank you to the 500+ entries we received! We will be compiling the videos into a single video over the next week, hoping to finish no later than April 15. Everyone who submitted videos will be sent an email with the finished result as soon as it is completed!