ClubFCNY Philosophy

Our philosophy behind ClubFCNY is simple: teaching is a noble, caring, and giving effort that is both rewarding and time consuming. Flute teachers spend an inordinate amount of time with their students helping them to upgrade to their next instrument. As this is your “business”, we feel you deserve to be remunerated for this time spent. 
As a club member, we will ship flutes to your doorstep free of charge, enabling you to try several brands side by side in the comfort of your own home or studio. We are happy to offer extended trial periods to our Club members. All new flutes purchased through ClubFCNY will come with an extended 18-month standard service guarantee from the Flute Center of New York. Best of all, you will be paid a consultation fee for each flute sold to a student through the Flute Center.
Guiding a student to a new flute is a unique and personal experience. Rest assured that our professional sales staff are happy to accommodate your every need. As we carry every brand, you can provide unbiased, conflict-free advice to your students. Partner with us and create a lasting friendship with your Flute Center.