ClubFCNY Membership Form

Welcome to our incentive program for teachers, ClubFCNY. Our philosophy behind this program is simple: teaching is a noble, caring, and giving effort that is both rewarding and time consuming. Flute teachers spend a fair amount of time with their students helping them to upgrade to their next instrument – recommending brands, discussing options, and coordinating shipping, etc. We feel you deserve to be remunerated for your expertise and time spent. Enter ClubFCNY. We ship flutes to your doorstep for free so that you can try several brands, side by side, in the comfort of your own home or studio. We can also ship directly to your students if that is more convenient for you. You will be paid a consultation fee for each referral made to the Flute Center that results in a purchase. As we carry every brand, you can provide unbiased, conflict-free advice to your students. ClubFCNY is a great way to give your students the best possible flute-buying experience.


Benefits for ClubFCNY members include:

  • An extended 18-month Standard Service Guarantee on all new flutes.
  • An extended 10-day trial.
  • Free shipping to you and free return shipping.
  • A consultation fee paid directly to you.
  • Inclusion in our new Flute Teacher Database with interactive Map
  • Access to special promotions offered ONLY to ClubFCNY members.
  • NEW! 10% off all Sheet Music orders and FREE SHIPPING on orders over $75 for you and your students at 

  • Becoming a member of ClubFCNY is simple. There are no fees, catches, gimmicks, or requirements. Just review the contract, provide your information in the form below, and tell your students that you’re a member of ClubFCNY. Please call or email us with any questions.  

    ClubFCNY Membership Agreement

    1. I, hereafter referred to as “Client” agree to join ClubFCNY, hereafter referred to as “FCNY”.  FCNY may alter the terms of this agreement at any time without prior notice. Client will not hold FCNY responsible, legally or financially, for any misunderstandings that may arise from this contract. Client surrenders all rights to legal action against FCNY.
    2. Client will receive a consultation fee (See Payout Structure Below) for every eligible flute sold through the ClubFCNY program. Eligible sales will meet all of the following requirements:
    2a. Only flute and auxiliary instrument sales are eligible for a consultation fee, which can be paid either via check (mailed to Client) or retained as FCNY Studio Funds. Instrument rentals, repairs, sheet music, and accessories do not qualify for a commission. Certain new flute models are ineligible (see section 6).
    2b. Only the sale price of the purchased instrument after any applicable discounts or promotions will be used to calculate commissions. Any sales taxes, insurance, accessories, appraisals, or other additions will not be used to calculate commissions. In the event of multiple purchases on a single invoice, the sum of the collective commissionable items will be used for calculating 1 commission. 
    2c. Client must contact FCNY in advance of the commencement of an instrument trial or purchase with full contact information for the potential purchaser. It is Client’s responsibility to alert FCNY staff of an eligible sale prior to any contact between the buyer and FCNY.
    2d. The commission cannot be transferred to the student making the purchase or to the sale price of the instrument being purchased. The invoice must be paid in full before the commission will be paid to the Client, even if the funds are to be reserved as Studio Funds. Commissions or FCNY Studio Funds cannot be applied to the sale for which they are accrued. 
    2e. Until Client has submitted a completed W9 form, consultation fee will be retained by FCNY as FCNY Studio Funds, which can be transferred to cash payout upon submission of a completed W9 form. Consultation fees not claimed within two (2) years of transaction date will be forfeited. 
    2f. FCNY Studio Funds will remain on Client's FCNY account as a credit to be used on future purchases for products or services. Client may opt to retain consultation fees as FCNY Studio Funds for a maximum of five (5) years. 
    2g. If Client has multiple Studio Fund fees available, Client may apply one or more Studio Fund fees to their FCNY purchase, but each individual Studio Fund fee must be applied in full at the time of redemption.
    2f. Studio Funds can be redeemed for any product or service at FCNY,  including sheet music through Rose Music. Studio Funds can also be used to finance anything that would be of benefit to your studio - Masterclasses, artist fees, a scholarship for a student. Please call a sales representative to arrange the use of any studio funds.
    3. All trials are subject to the terms and agreements of our trial program, with extended trial terms of 10 days instead of our usual 7 days.   
    4. ClubFCNY members will receive free shipping of up to three (3) flutes, piccolos and/or headjoints at a time for trial. Alto flutes, bass flutes, and contrabass flutes are not eligible for free shipping. FCNY will provide, upon request, a prepaid return shipping label. FCNY reserves the right to decline free shipping privileges after, in its sole discretion, FCNY determines that the client is utilizing the privilege excessively or frivolously. 
    5. The Flute Center of New York reserves the right to alter the terms or amounts of the payout schedule at any time without notice. 
    6. Club FCNY commissions cannot be claimed on any special promotions, including but not limited to: “Flute of the Month”, “FCNY on Ebay,” “Liquidation Sales,” etc. The following new instruments will not qualify for a ClubFCNY payout: Muramatsu Platinum Clad, SR, and Gold flute models, all new Nagahara Products, and all new JR Lafin Headjoint Sales.
    7. Client will update FCNY with all changes to contact information. 
    8. New flutes purchased through the ClubFCNY program will receive an extended 18-month Standard Service Guarantee. The Standard Service  Guarantee covers only normal wear and tear of an instrument, and does not include dents, scratches, cleaning, oiling, polishing, or metalworking of any kind.
    9. Used flutes are sold “as-is” and do not come with any warranty or service guarantee. Certified Pre-Owned instruments come with a 1-year Standard Service Guarantee: this length is not increased for ClubFCNY sales.
    10. All ClubFCNY activity conducted between FCNY and Client will fall within strict Internal Revenue Service guidelines, and will be reported on form 1099. 


      To submit ClubFCNY paperwork via email or mail, download here: