Upgrade your Flute, Financing Available!

The Flute Center of New York has partnered with Noteworthy Federal Credit Union to provide low-cost financing on most flute purchases! Based in Cleveland, OH, Noteworthy specializes in musical instrument financing only. This means that you are closer than ever to being able to afford your dream instrument! Interest Rates begin at 7%, terms can extend out to 5 years, and they only require 10% down!

So you can own a $10,000 flute for as little as $180 per month, or a $15,000 flute for as little as $270 per month! Contact Noteworthy for more details!

Please note the following terms:

  • The flute being purchased must be of equal or greater value to the item being consigned.
  • The two transactions must occur simultaneously (within 30 days of each other). Consignments must be listed with the Flute Center within 30 days of finalizing purchase, and are subject to all our consignment terms and conditions (including a minimum 1-year consignment term).
  • Payment must be made immediately and in full on the purchased item. No payment plans will be allowed, though the client can pursue outside financing through Noteworthy Federal Credit Union.
  • Our normal commissions are 35% per item, 25% for certified pre-owned items
  • Our $500 minimum commission per item still applies, and will not be reduced for any reason.