Lillian Burkart is simply one of the most gifted piccolo (and flute) makers of all time. She began her career at the Powell factory, where she made bodies, keys, piccolos, and also padded instruments. She founded her own company in 1982 with her husband Jim Phelan, whose unsurpassed knowledge of instrument design and execution built a team that can't be beat. Lillian Burkart has spent decades researching and refining the piccolo, becoming one of the foremost experts on the instrument. The original Burkart piccolo was initially subcontracted to Powell, and for nine years, all Powell piccolos sold were manufactured by Lillian. By 1990, the Lillian Burkart (now the Elite model) was introduced, and there has been no better piccolo on the market since. 

The widely acclaimed Burkart piccolo sets industry standards and is played in many of the world's top orchestras. In concert with James Phelan, Ms. Burkart continues to apply precise and technically advanced methods to the crafting of piccolos. From the selection and aging of the finest woods, to the tooling of keys and mechanisms, and finally to the careful voicing of each instrument, every Burkart Piccolo is unsurpassed in tone and playability.