Expert Flute Repairs

The Flute Center of New York is the nation's premier destination for expert flute repairs. We employ the most talented and experienced technicians in the industry, and all of our technicians undergo regular training with many of the major flute manufacturers. 

Incoming repairs can be shipped to FCNY or dropped off during a scheduled pick-up/drop-off time. To begin scheduling your repair, call 212-307-9737 or email Please complete our Online Repair Shipping Form and include a copy of your answers with your shipment. We recommend printing the email receipt of your form submission. Alternatively, you can print the pdf version of the form and complete it by hand.

Repair Pricing:

Clean, Oil, Adjust (COA, recommended annual maintenance): $550

COA+ (premium COA service): $725

Mechanism Polish (add-on to a COA): $500

Overhaul: $2,500

Lotus Conversion (for Muramatsu overhauls): Add $500 to Overhaul

Dents / Scratches / Solder: $175/hour

Additional / Hourly work: $175/hour

Minimum Charge: $175

Rush Fee: $195


Clean, Oil, Adjust (COA):

The Clean, Oil, Adjust (COA) is the standard for flute repair, addressing necessary adjustments, playability, and preventative maintenance for the instrument. The COA+ is FCNY's premium COA service. FCNY recommends that all flutes have a COA or COA+ performed every 12 months.

The COA includes:

    • Full disassembly of the mechanism (including removing pins)
    • Cleaning & oiling the interior of the mechanism
    • Adjustment of all pads to ensure proper seal
    • Replacement of the headjoint cork
    • Dip and light polish of the body to remove most body tarnish
    • Up to 3 hours of labor. Additional labor is billed at hourly rate
    • Up to 3 pads replaced. Additional pads beyond the first 3 are billed at 80 per pad
    • All COA repairs are thoroughly play-tested by FCNY Resident Flutists and must meet rigorous performance standards.
    • Note: COAs do not include a polish of the keys and mechanism, which is available for an additional fee (see below). 

The Premium COA+ includes:

    • All aspects of a standard COA
    • Up to 4 hours of labor (instead of the standard 3 hours)
    • Up to 4 pads replaced (instead of the standard 3 pads)
    • Small dent and scratch removal where possible
    • Expedited service (rush fee included)


Mechanism Polish:

A mechanism polish is a service that can be added to a COA for an additional $500.  A mechanism polish is included in an Overhaul. The full polish includes the same dip in a tarnish-removal solution that comes with a COA, but with a full hand polish of the body (a COA includes a light polish) and a full hand polish of the mechanism and keywork as well.   



An Overhaul is our most comprehensive repair service. An Overhaul returns a flute to as-like-new condition as possible, including the replacement of all soft parts (pads, corks, felts, etc.), a full dip and polish (including the mechanism), small dent and scratch removal, and a full adjustment to the pads and mechanism. Overhaul-level repairs completed at FCNY include a complimentary 12-month Standard Service Guarantee. Overhauls take approximately 20-30 hours to complete, and we usually have a 2-4 week backlog: We recommend calling to put your name on the list as soon as possible. 

Overhaul: $2,500

Lotus Conversion (for Muramatsu overhauls): Add $500 to Overhaul

Dents, Scratches, Soldering:

Large dent removal, soldering work, scratch removal, etc. is not included in a standard COA or Overhaul. All metalworking issues are billed at an additional rate of $175/hour. 


Minimum Charge / Additional / Hourly Work:

If your flute is between annual COAs or needs significantly less work than a COA would entail, we charge $175/hour with a one hour minimum. Please note, we do not offer partial repairs, and that the true amount of work required will be determined by our technicians when the flute is on the bench. 


Rush Fee:

We strive to have the fastest repair turn-around time in the industry for all our clients. Our typical turn-around can vary, please call for the most accurate estimate. If you require immediate attention, we can usually expedite your service for an additional Rush Fee of $195.  

Learn more about the FCNY Repair Team.



What if I don't need a repair; I just need maintenance?
Repair, maintenance, service, tune-up: let's make life simple and view these as the same.

How long will my repair take?
We strive to provide a 1-2 week turnaround for all repairs that aren't overhauls. There are circumstances that can extend this time period. We strive to provide efficient service that respects our entire customer base. 

How can I ship my flute?
FCNY ships countless flutes on a daily basis! We use thick cardboard boxes with bubble wrap, but you may explore other materials. Please ensure there is cushion around your flute case and that it doesn't move once inside the box. 

Can I get a receipt?
With curbside drop-off, the carbon copy of our repair tags is available upon request. However, all repairs are entered into our database. This enables us to digitally connect you, your flute, and all details of your repair. We can also electronically send information associated with your repair and ultimately provide an invoice as a pdf. Flutes are physically placed in our store according to where they are within our repair process.

Can you just fix this one thing?
We do not offer partial repairs. As part of our Standard Service Guarantee, or limited manufacturer's warranty on new instruments, we address everything your instrument currently needs. We want to avoid you needing an additional repair that could have been avoided. Bear in mind that technicians can find issues that even the best performer may not see.

How much will it cost?
For non-warranty repairs, or repairs not covered under our Standard Service Guarantee, our standard rates are listed above. Working with the repair manager, an initial assessment can be identified and pre-approved to help expedite the process. Once a technician sees the instrument in person, we would communicate if any deviation from the assessment is necessary.

How often should I get my instrument repaired?
With regular usage, we recommend an annual visit. Of course, if you have concerns at any time, please contact us. As leaks happen gradually, it is common for flutists to end up playing an instrument that is less than optimum without even realizing. Once restored to perfect playing condition, most are amazed at how great their instrument plays.

Can I get a loaner during my repair?
We are unfortunately unable to provide a flute during the course of your repair.

What kinds of flutes and flutists do you typically serve?
Flutes that are a month old or from the 1800s, budding flutists who just started playing or internationally celebrated musicians, and everything in between—we're here to help everyone!

Can your technicians fix my specific model flute?
Our technicians have decades of experience and tout official certification with most major brands. They are equipped to address the needs of almost any flute. (Additionally, one of them is the owner of FCNY!)