Instrument Trials

FCNY is proud to offer in-store and in-home trials so you can test out any of our instruments (new or pre-owned) before purchasing!




Trial Policies

Before you test any instruments, please remember to:

  • Remove all jewelry
  • Wash your hands before testing the instruments
  • Wipe down the instruments after each time you play
  • Do not use the cloths that come with new instruments
  • Do not use alcohol swabs on wooden instruments
  • Review your trial form to be sure that you have received all items listed. If your trial form is inaccurate, please contact us immediately.

Please care for the instruments as your own. Any instruments returned dirty, fingerprinted, dented or otherwise abused can be subject to a cleaning fee of between $100-$300 per instrument. 

Client must be 18 years or older to set up an in-home trial. Clients under 18 must have their parent/guardian contact the Flute Center to set up an in-home trial.

Most trials are scheduled for 7 days from receipt of the items. If your teacher is a ClubFCNY member, we grant an extended 10 day trial. Most clients find that a 7 day trial period is sufficient  to decide on an instrument. If a decision cannot be reached in that time, please contact us to request an extension or a follow-up trial. 

All international trials must be paid for in full before shipment.  


In-Store Trials

Please contact us to reserve a private trial room at our NYC shop! At the end of your in-store appointment, you may opt to take 2-3 flutes for an in-home trial.


Shipped Trials

If you're not able to come to New York City, we are happy to ship a box of flutes for you to try in the comfort of your own home or studio! Request a shipped trial.

FCNY ships packages using FedEx Express service except in areas where FedEx Ground service guarantees delivery in 3 days or less. For the area within an approximate 200 mile radius from FCNY (Boston to the East, Syracuse to the North, DC/Northern Virginia to the South), many packages can be sent guaranteed next day via FedEx Ground at no additional cost. All packages will require a direct signature; any adult at your address can sign for the package. 

FedEx will automatically email you with your tracking number FCNY creates a shipping label to your address.  Packages are generally picked up between 5pm - 6pm, Monday - Friday, so tracking numbers emailed before that time may yet show any activity on the package - rest assured your flutes are likely waiting by our door to be picked up!

Shipping Prices

Shipping prices vary depending on weight and time delivery of package, and include return shipping. Generally, the following rates will apply:

Overnight Service:

Varies on weight and location. No overnight shipments will be included in ClubFCNY / referral code free shipping perks.

Express Service:

Piccolo Box: 13x9x4 (4 lbs.) $70

1 Flute Box: 18x6x6 (5 lbs.) $70

2 Flute Box: 18x10x6 (8 lbs.) $90

4 Flute Box: 18x12x12 (19 lbs.) $130

Alto Box: 22x12x12 (23 lbs.) $130

Bass Box: 30x10x10 (22 lbs.) $130

Ground Service:

Piccolo Box: 13x9x4 (4 lbs.) $40

1 Flute Box: 18x6x6 (5 lbs.) $40

2 Flute Box: 18x10x6 (8 lbs.) $40

4 Flute Box: 18x12x12 (19 lbs.) $40

Alto Box: 22x12x12 (23 lbs.) $40

Bass Box: 30x10x10 (22 lbs.) $40


Finalizing Your Purchase

If you intend to purchase a flute from your trial, there is no need to return it to FCNY!

Contact FCNY to finalize your purchase. FCNY generally expects payment in full when you decide on an instrument. We accept cash, wire transfer, personal and cashier checks, and all major credit cards. Additionally, we can arrange for you to pay for your flute directly through our website - just ask a member of our staff for help setting up and emailing you a link.

As a small business, our preferred method of payment is personal check, which cost us nothing to process. Please make checks payable to "Flute Center of New York" and include it with any additional returned flutes you may have on trial.

Visit our Financing page for more information on financing your flute.

To learn about selling an instrument at FCNY, please see Consignments.


Returning Your Trial

When your trial is complete, please contact our Resident Flutists for a pre-paid return shipping label to return any flutes you do not wish to purchase. We recommend re-using the original box and packing material when returning your trial.  

To return: Securely package all items you do not intend to purchase in the original box, and afix the return shipping label overtop the original shipping label. Bring the package to any FedEx location or schedule a FedEx pickup at your home or office (pickups are not paid for by FCNY).


Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns during the trial process. We have the industry’s best-trained, friendliest staff, and we are confident that your experience with FCNY will be a great one.


Enjoy your trial!