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Consign Your Instrument at the Flute Center!

Whether you live around the corner or around the world, Flute Center can sell your instrument on consignment! Let our team of experts help find your flute, piccolo, or harmony flute a new home. 

Ready to send your flute for consignment? Please complete the Consignment Request Form and include a copy with your shipment. 

Questions? Please email to reach our Consignment Team.

Consignment Process

The Flute Center's 4-step Consignment Process makes it simple and easy to sell your flute.

Send in Your Flute

The first step to selling your flute is to getting it to Flute Center! Submit our Consignment Request Form and a Consignment Team Member will reach out with further instructions and information.

Prep for Market

Our Expert Repair Technicians will make sure that your flute is in like-new condition. Once any repairs are complete, we will discuss pricing strategy and issue you a consignment contract.

Spread the Word

Your flute will be professionally photographed and added to our website, social media, and email campaigns by our in-house Marketing Team.

Make the Sale

Now for the fun part: Our team of Resident Flutists will sell your flute! Once a sale is finalized, your payment will be issued via check, Paypal, Zelle or wire transfer - your choice. We sell hundreds of pre-owned flutes each year, and yours could be next!

Conditions of Consignment

Flute Center requires all pre-owned flutes to be in excellent playing condition. All consignment instruments are assessed by Flute Center's repair staff upon receipt, and any required repairs must be completed and paid for before the instrument will be listed for sale. After completing any necessary repairs, Flute Center will maintain the condition of the flute through the entire consignment process at no additional charge.

To qualify an instrument as certified pre-owned, the instrument must be brought back to like-new condition*, and have a functioning case and case cover. The consignor will be responsible for any and all repair costs associated with bringing the instrument back to like-new condition before the instrument can go on sale as certified pre-owned. 

*Like-new condition qualifications:

  • All old pads replaced
  • Any lost motion resolved
  • All soft parts (corks and felts) in like-new, functioning condition
  • All tenons in like-new, functioning condition
  • Any dents, scratches, and tarnish removed

Ship Your Consignment

Ready to send your flute for consignment?

Please complete the Consignment Request Form before shipping your instrument. A member of our Consignment Team will be in touch with shipping instructions. Please note: Flute Center cannot guarantee a client's personal shipping boxes or personal items during the consignment process.


Flute Center accepts consignment flutes from clients from all over the world. Certified pre-owned instruments are consigned at a 25% commission rate. Items that sell for less than $2,000 qualify for our minimum $500 commission for each item consigned at Flute Center. 


During the consignment process, you are completely in control of pricing. We will provide recommendations, but you have the final say in setting the price of your instrument. You may adjust pricing at any time. However, if a client has your flute in their possession, they will retain the right to pay full asking price for your flute (ie. we will not raise the price or prevent them from buying in any way). Additionally, pre-owned flutes will be sold as complete instruments and Flute Center will not entertain offers from clients on parts or components, such as headjoints, footjoints, cases, and covers.


While your instrument is on consignment at Flute Center, it is covered under the Flute Center's insurance policy. It will be sent on trial to clients within the United States. 

International Consignments

Clients are responsible for all customs and shipping fees in both directions when sending their flute to/from the Flute Center for consignment. Please note that the US Government charges customs based on the insured value of the package. If a client sends their instrument to the Flute Center and decides not to consign it, the client is fully responsible for all customs and shipping fees for the return. All customs fees must be paid in full before an instrument will be listed for sale or returned to the ownerWe recommend sending your consignment as a return/repair, because all consignments are required to be repaired upon arrival. We recommend shipping with a valid tracking number and changing the service billed to "bill to sender" (not "bill to recipient.")

Reviews from Happy Consignors:

The Flute Center has been wonderful with assisting me to sell my father's flutes on consignment. As a consignee I would strongly encourage anyone to use the Flute Center. The staff and owner have been a pleasure to work with and I greatly thank them for all of their efforts.

Corrine S.

A big thank you to the Flute Center of New York for their handling of the sale of my flute. With their global reach, I knew they were the best place to consign my instrument. They sold it super fast, and at full asking price. Thank you again for finding my flute a new home!

Emma R.R.

I sold my flute through the consignment team at FCNY and they were an absolute joy to work with. If you're in the market to either sell or buy a good instrument, I highly recommend working with them. I live in Colorado and it was so easy to do everything remotely, so it doesn't matter where you live.

Emily L.

A caring, knowledgeable staff, no matter what your level. I have bought a flute and head joint from them and am consigning an instrument too. I trust their staff and service 100%.

Meri H.

I highly recommend Flute Center of New York for anyone seeking a quality instrument in addition to kind and patient experts. I believe they will find the best home for my beloved consignment! What more can a person ask for.

Jun A.

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