The William S. Haynes story is one of a passion for perfection; the genesis of all flutemaking in America. Through the years, Haynes has been the choice of legendary players including William Kincaid, Georges Laurent, John Wummer, and Jean-Pierre Rampal, just to name a few. When you play a Haynes flute, you know that you are playing a flute with more than 125 years of history, a flute of uncompromising standards. The Haynes company wants to know your sound, the feel of your technical artistry, and the special features that would make your flute complete. Every flute can be completely customized - from tubing material, mechanism, options, and engravings. Discover why today's greatest artists - from James Galway and Emmanuel Pahud to Jeanne Baxtresser and Amy Porter - play on a Haynes Flute!

Haynes Flutes currently offers two headjoint styles: The "Piedmont Cut" and the "Nagog Cut."

The Piedmont Cut is the quintessential Haynes headjoint - warm, rich and flexible - and is the default headjoint for all Haynes flutes.

The Nagog Cut, named after the Nagog Creek on which the new Haynes factory is situated, features a thicker riser, adding more resistance and color to the sound without sacrificing articulation.