Carlos Malta Interview & Concert

Flute Center of New York presents:

Carlos Malta

Flute Unscripted Interview featuring Carlos Malta
June 8, 2021, 5PM ET
Video interview with Caity Massoud premiering on Facebook
Carlos Malta in Concert: Life on the Flute
June 10, 2021, 5PM ET

Concert Premiere on Facebook and Youtube


Fernando Moura, piano and keyboards

Matu Miranda, acoustic guitar


Carlos Malta: The original voice from Brazil, blowing from bass clarinet to piccolo flute:, o “Escultor do Vento” (A Sculptor of the Wind), is Malta’s code-name . A respected bandleader, arranger, composer, multi-instrumentalist and educator, Malta is one of the most inspiring musicians in Brasil nowadays. The bandleader Carlos Malta created several projects, using different instrumental
formations. Pife Muderno is sextet (2 flutes/etnic bamboo flutes+4 percussions) that builds the bridge between the tradition and the modern brazilian folks.The Coreto Urbano ( a ten piece band with tuba, bass-trombone , trombone , euphonium , trumpet, clarinet, saxophone, 3 percussionists); the Pimenta quartet (acc. bass, acc. 6/12 guitars, drums, sax and flute); Pixinguinha Alma e Corpo string quartet: plus very special duets with cello, double bass, guitar
and piano make Malta's universe of music a great source of sounds.His concerts have been pointed out as outstanding, gifted and highlight events.The multi-instrumentalist. A virtuoso flutist, saxophonist, Carlos Malta plays brazilian bamboo flutes, bass flute, soprano and piccolo flute, sax-soprano , alto , tenor, baritone sax and bass clarinet superbly. His name can be found in
the greatest records of brazilian music stars, and sound tracks of movies and soap operas. Furthermore Malta is a specialist in brazilian classical music for saxophone and flute, performing with orchestras and chamber music ensembles as well.