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Channeling Your Inner Elton John

Featuring Nyenyezi Horns


Sir Elton John, with his extravagant costumes, larger-than-life personality, and timeless melodies, has captivated audiences worldwide for decades. But embodying the essence of Elton is more than just donning sequins and sunglasses—it's about embracing authenticity, creativity, and fearlessness. Read on to discover how you can perform like Elton John!

  1. Unleash Your Creativity: Elton John's music is a testament to boundless creativity. As flutists, we strive to find ways to infuse creativity into your daily life. Experiment with new ideas, push boundaries, and don't be afraid to take risks. Embrace your unique perspective and let your imagination soar.
  2. Dress to Express: Elton's flamboyant style is legendary. From outrageous platform boots to sequined jumpsuits, his wardrobe is as iconic as his music. While you don't have to emulate his every ensemble, don't be afraid to express yourself through fashion. Wear what makes you feel confident and fabulous, whether it's a bold pattern, a splash of color, or a killer pair of sunglasses. If you want some bright & bold accessories for your flute, look no further! 
  3. Embrace Your Eccentricities: Elton John is unapologetically himself. Whether he's belting out ballads or cracking jokes on stage, he owns every moment with unabashed authenticity. Embrace your individuality — it is what makes you uniquely you. Celebrate yourself and don't shy away from letting your true colors shine!
  4. Spread Love and Kindness: Beyond his musical talents, Elton John is known for his philanthropy and activism. He has used his platform to advocate for causes close to his heart, including LGBTQ+ rights and HIV/AIDS awareness. Elton John recently performed at the Oscars Foundation Party and raised $10 for the AIDS Foundation. In addition, the autographed, bedazzled Nyenyezi piano he performed on was auctioned off for over $300,000! Follow his lead by finding ways to spread love and kindness in your community. Whether it's volunteering, donating to charity, or simply being there for a friend in need, small acts of kindness can make a big difference.
  5. Never Stop Evolving: Throughout his career, Elton John has constantly reinvented himself, exploring new genres and collaborating with artists across the musical spectrum. Don't be afraid to reinvent yourself or try new things. Life is a journey of self-discovery, and each chapter offers the opportunity for growth and transformation. Embrace change, stay open-minded, and never stop evolving. If you need inspiration for new music to try then check out some new releases listed here!

In a world that often feels too serious, channeling the spirit of Elton John is a reminder to embrace joy, embrace authenticity, and embrace the magic of being unapologetically yourself. So go ahead, unleash your inner Elton, and let the world hear your roar! Shop works by Elton John here.


All About Nyenyezi

Set up by professional musicians, Nyenyezi Horns is bringing a new level of aesthetics and customization to the musical instruments industry, while maintaining the all-important usability and durability of a professional-level horn.

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