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Why We Love Guo Flutes

guo flutes

Picture this - it’s Friday night. You’re in the stands playing with the high school marching band. The score is tied during the biggest football game of the year, when suddenly it starts to drizzle. It’s no downpour, but you know even a little bit of rain could damage your flute. You panic, trying to protect your beautiful, silver flute in your jacket, but it’s no use. Who knows how it will sound come rehearsal on Monday! 

Now, imagine if you had a Guo Flute! Guo flutes are specially designed to be weather-resistant, so not only would your silver flute be home safe in its case, but your Guo flute would be fine to play even when in the rain. Read on to learn more about these affordable, lightweight, weatherproof flutes! 


Ask any flutist when the most revolutionary invention for the modern flute took place, and they would say 1832, when Boehm developed his system for flute mechanism.  And they aren’t wrong! Modern flutes are still strikingly similar to the flutes Boehm made in the 19th century. That is, unless you are playing on Guo Flute. So how did Guo Flutes come to be? Geoffery Guo made his first flute in 2003, and soon after began experimenting with new ways of designing flutes. His goal was to recapture the one-key Baroque flute in a modern form, making the flutes as responsive as a modern flute, but with a baroque feel. This led to the creation of the Executor headjoint, made of a composite, man-made material called ‘Grenaditte.’ The Executor’s success encouraged Guo to compose an entire flute from this unique material, eventually resulting in the Guo composite flutes we know and love today!


The Tocco Flute is a composite C flute that comes in twelve different colors - it doesn't get more fun than that! Some colors include Apple Red, Aquamarine, Canaria Yellow, Caramel Macchiato, Carnation, and Mint. Tocco flutes come in 2 pieces, headjoint and body/footjoint (as one.) The durable material withstands weather changes and is the most light-weight flute on the market. 


guo picc pink


The New Voice Flute’s tube is composed entirely of engineered high polymer plastics resulting in a very lightweight flute. This material has a sound similar to silver, with a quick, easy response. The New Voice family includes a bass flute, treble flute, and piccolo.



Grenaditte flutes and headjoints have a warm sound closely resembling wood. The Grenaditte Flute is endorsed by many of the world’s finest wooden flute performers, who enjoy the quality of sound paired with the practicality of a flute that is impervious to climatic and temperature changes. The Grenaditte family includes a bass flute, piccolo, and headjoint.


Guo instruments are water-resistant. Guo flutes can be used in places with high humidity, and they would not be damaged after short contact with water, but playing it in water is not recommended. They don't recommend dunking the flutes directly in water, which might influence the silicone pads. 

Questions about any of these items? Contact our Resident Flutists for expert advice. We would love to help!

Guo Instruments are not eligible for a Standard Service Guarantee or a Concierge Service Guarantee.

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