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Hernandez Wood Species

Hernandez Wood Species

Hernandez Flutes are exclusively available at the Flute Center.

Different wood species dramatically change the responsiveness, projection and tone color of the headjoint, flute, or crown. Read on to learn about the features of each wood species.

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cocobolo one
Cocobolo: This wood stands out for its aesthetic and beautiful sound. The resonant and flexible sound, easy, clear and fast response articulations.
ebony ivor
Ebony: Hard but more porous than granadilla. Clear sound, elegant and rich in harmonics. Ebony produces a unique tonal range, with deep resonance in the middle and lower registers. It is characterized by a luxurious, elegant and refined sound that creates brilliant superior tones. Clear sound rich in harmonics. 
hj guayacan
Guayacán: Heavy, hard wood, grain and porosity close to that of ebony. Warm and powerful sound. This wood is both lively and powerful, achieving a full, consistent, and accurate resonance across all registers. The headjoint feels responsive, fast, and clear.


itin ivor

Itín: Hard and tough, similar to Guayacán. Powerful and bright sound. It has a unique and remarkable color. The lively resonance of this wood supports great projection and volume control without losing its special warmth and sweetness.


hj mopane

Mopane: Similar to granadilla. Powerful and dark sound, very resonant and strong projection.


hj olive 

Olive: Great projection and sweet sound, the instrument gains more resonance. Easy articulation. Very easy to play, supports a wide dynamic range and a varied tonal color palette.


hj rosewood

Rosewood: Wood with pink veins that stands out for its sound and aesthetic qualities. Sweet sound, clear articulation and quick response.


hj pink ivory
Quebracho colorado: Very hard wood that is bright red in color. The quebracho wood resonates with a pure and flexible sound. Supports a wide dynamic range and a varied tonal color palette. Excellent projection, powerful sound.



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