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What to Expect in Your Trial Shipment

What to Expect in Your Trial Shipment

Hip, hip, hooray! You have decided to take instruments out on trial with Flute Center, and are one step closer to finding your perfect instrument! Here is what to expect when your trial arrives.

How Do I Know When To Expect My Package?

Your Resident Flutist will work with you to coordinate your shipment, but keep in mind that shipping times and arrival dates are subject to change. You will be provided with a tracking number through our carrier so that you can manage the progress of your shipment. Please be home to sign for the package to ensure a secure delivery.

What Should I Expect In The Trial Box?

Once your shipment arrives, your trial period has begun! Inside your trial box, you will find the instruments securely packaged and a printed copy of your Trial Quote. The itemized list will include every instrument that you are considering for purchase. In some instances, headjoints will be listed separately on your Trial Quote, even though they may be included in a flute case with a flute body. Read item descriptions carefully to find prices for purchasing a headjoint with a flute body or on its own (“headjoint alone.”) When purchasing a headjoint with a flute body, some headjoints will be included at no additional cost, while others may increase the price of the flute. If you’re interested in mixing and matching brands, check in with your Resident Flutist to see what pricing adjustments might apply.

How Do I Make A Decision?

Don’t be afraid to ask your Resident Flutist for assistance in making your decision! They are available to guide you through the process and answer any questions you might have. We also recommend playing for your friends, colleagues, family, and a teacher if you have one. Our Trial Scorecard can be helpful in making a final decision.  Click here for a free printable version.

How Do I Ship Items Back?

When you are done with your trial, please contact your Resident Flutist. They will email you a prepaid and insured return shipping label. Printed return labels are not included in the trial box. You can either print out the emailed label or have it printed at your local shipping center. You can reuse the Flute Center box and packing materials to send back anything that you are not keeping.


Now that you have all of the trial ins & outs, it's time to start your free flute trial today!

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