Flute Center Of New York Builds Community Through Music: ‘It’s A Family’

"Phil runs the Flute Center of New York, a destination for amateur and professional flute players from across the world.

'We get a lot of emergency repairs, people that have to do a gig at Carnegie Hall, and the flutes are broken, so we’ll take care of them that day,' he said.

In addition to repair service, the Flute Center offers sheet music and flutes for sale, both in store and online. The collection includes brand-new contrabass flutes and pre-owned piccolos.

'They range anywhere from $500 to a really nice new car,' he said.

For Phil, much of what makes the flute special is what it reveals about its player.

'They’re just precise instruments that happen to produce this glorious sound that is as close to singing, I think, as an instrument can be. It’s really an extension of a player’s physical attributes, their diaphragm, the way they position their mouth,' he said. 'These beautifully crafted instruments emulate their voice and their personality and them.'" - CBSNewYork

Video Credit: CBSNewYork

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