Get to Know Phil Unger and The Flute Center of New York

"Our mission is simply to put flutists with flutists. If we sell a flute or two through this process, we are feel as though we have made the world a little more musical... We always try to be in the forefront of anything flute related. We sponsor many events, including our own "in house” projects on social media. For example, the Olympics are happening now in Korea, so we decided to sponsor our own Flute Olympics. What fun! We get involved whenever we can. As a matter of fact, the NY Flute Club convention is in 4 days. We decided 3 years ago to sponsor the 1st prize of the annual NY Flute Club competition for 10 years running. This is one way of giving back to the community that has given so much to us..." - Flute New Music Consortium 

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