Ringwood girl wins $1,500 sterling silver flute

"Adelaide has been playing a student rental for three years, but started asking for a new, better instrument late last year. During a trip to Manhattan before Christmas, she and her mother Peggy Prekopa visited the Flute Center of New York on Broadway to see what the options were.

'The people there were just great,' her mom said, 'but I knew we'd have to budget for a new one.'

That's when the salesperson suggested the Prekopas check back after the new year to enter the contest, which asked flutists to provide a photo, story or video explaining their background with the instrument and why they would like to have a new one.

With some help from her mom, Adelaide created an entertaining narrative showing off her home, her school, and her student flute for viewers. Unlike some of the other entries, she didn't actually perform musically during the video, but that didn't seem to matter in the end... 

'I was so surprised to find out that I had won the promotion,' Adelaide said. 'Music is a big part of my life and I'm so grateful to the Flute Center for this gift!'... 

Flute Center Business Manager Julian Rose said that Adelaide's documentary-style video was by far the most creative submission received for the contest.

'She put a lot of herself into the video,' he said, 'and we felt that she would provide a loving home to this beautiful new flute.'" - Holly Stewart with northjersey.com

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