Emi Ferguson

By following her curiosity and intuition, Emi Ferguson has made a name for herself as a modern flutist, baroque flutist, composer, arranger, producer, researcher, and vocalist. In her interview with me, Ms. Ferguson shares that she refuses to take no for an answer and will do whatever it takes to see a project through to the end. That approach has served her well. Her impressive career includes winning first prize at the NFA Young Artist competition, New York Flute Club Young Artist competition, the Mid-Atlantic Flute Competition, and the Juilliard Concerto Competition. Emi Ferguson has carved out a niche for herself playing the Silver Flute, Historical Flutes, and Auxiliary Flutes, performing repertoire that stretches from the Renaissance to today.

Flute Unscripted is available on iTunes, Libsyn, Soundcloud, Spotify, Youtube or Google Play.

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