Rainer Lafin, born in 1940, studied with many prominent flutists, including Dr. Demmler and Aurele Nicolet, and began his career in the Orchestral realm. His last professional engagement was principal piccoloist with the Berlin Radio-Symphony-Orchestra, and was a regular substitute with the Berlin Philharmonic. In 1979, Mr. Lafin moved to Japan where he trained extensively at the Muramatsu factory. He began working with Albert Cooper, the best flute and headjoint maker of the day, to create a better headjoint. Continually experimenting with newer and better headjoint designs, the actual design of J. R. Lafin headjoints are constantly changing in an ongoing effort to make flutes play even better. In May 2008, Mr. Lafin signed an agreement with Brannen Brothers Flutemakers, who are now the exclusive makers of Lafin headjoints for all of North America. 

J. R. Lafin headjoints are outstanding for their extended dynamic range in all registers and for a wide range of tone colors. There is one single "style," but there are a number of tubing options and all headjoints can be made with or without Adler-style wings.