One of the leading student flutes in the market today, Jupiter Flutes constantly seek the latest innovation in design and engineering to achieve ever higher standards in the manufacturing process. Players, teachers, and artisans collaborate on the design and artistry that makes each Jupiter flute a truly great performance instrument. The newest advancement from Jupiter Flutes is its "Waveline  Technology," which introduces an Omega-shaped curve into the flute headjoint. 

The Jupiter Waveline flute provides a greater success rate in learning by eliminating the ergonomic issues associated with most beginning level flutes, mainly weight distribution and hand position. The length of the flute is shortened while the patented Waveline design keeps the headjoint in line with the body, promoting correct playing posture and embouchure development. 

The Waveline design reduces the distance from the embouchure hole and keys creating easier tone production and better posture. Special alignment indicators ensure correct assembly and optimum playing position.