The Muramatsu story is one of an artist who became enamored when he heard a Boehm system flute for the first time. This sound was new to Japan, and inspired the young Koichi Muramatsu to create such flutes himself in 1923. He didn't realize at the time the legacy he would be creating: he was to become the founder of modern day flute making in Japan. In 1962 Koichi Muramatsu passed his legacy onto his son, Osamu Muramatsu, who carried Muramatsu flutes into the twenty-first century. Today Muramatsu is still family owned and is led by Koichi Muramatsu's grandson, Akio Muramatsu. Muramatsu produces more professional flutes than any other maker in the world. They are sold on every continent. Family traditions continue in the Muramatsu company, which warmly greets traveling flutists to Japan and maintains friendly relationships with flutists worldwide.