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Candy Shop for Flutists

by Kristen Wuest, Resident Flutist
“Coming here is a dream come true”
“Right up there with the Empire State Building on the list of NYC must-sees” 
“A candy shop for flutists”

These are some of the many ways our clients describe Flute Center in New York. As a flutist, I agree with all of those descriptions. There is no doubt that if you’re a flute enthusiast, you have to make a trip to Flute Center. BUT- I have also heard clients say they’re intimidated, they don’t want to play while we are listening, and “I’m not a REAL flutist.” As an introvert that forces myself to be an extrovert- I get it. But I want everyone to know- we aren’t listening, unless you want us to. But even further than that, Flute Center is for all. 

Before I started working at Flute Center, I worked for a Non-Profit Community Arts School. The anthem was and still is, music is for all. I’m so happy I can still work for a business that is for all. It’s part of our mission to ensure that every single person who walks into Flute Center feels welcome and comfortable. I can speak for the entire Sales Team when I say it does not matter what you’re shopping for, every flute that goes to a new home is exciting, and every client we meet is special. 

When you come to Flute Center for a trial, we help and guide you as little or as much as you want. Every client experience is unique and we cater your trial to what is most comfortable. Our trial rooms are comfortable, like home. With the widest selection of flutes in the industry, one of the largest Flute Sheet Music selections, and a full repair suite, we have everything you need to make an informed and confident decision. 

Every single Flute Center employee is a flutist, and more than happy to lend an ear, or even play for you. Our goal is to help you find your perfect flute while providing a pressure-less experience. If we don’t have the answer, we do our best to find out. We love talking about our own flutes, sharing flute experiences, and showing off our favorite FC inventory when fellow flutists come to visit us. 

No, we aren’t listening, unless you want us to. Between the phones ringing, chatter, noise from shipping, and play testing, we can’t hear anything you’re doing in a trial room. You can’t comprehend the hustle and bustle until you see it. Although, we are more than happy to come and listen behind closed doors. We always have time for that.

Give us a call and drop in- it’s just a candy shop for flutists- I promise.

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