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Why I Love My Wiseman Flute Case

When you think about the overall safety of your flute- what is the first thing that comes to mind? For me, it’s the hard case. Your flute will spend most of its time in its case, so it needs to be secure, sturdy and strong, and for some (myself included), aesthetically pleasing.

My new case journey started about a year ago, when I picked up my Miyazawa Boston Classic flute from a repair service and was told that the technician had to glue the interior of my case back together. That’s when I knew that it was time to consider buying a new case. I had played my Miyazawa flute for 18 years and never explored the world of flute cases, so when I saw Wiseman cases, I was intrigued.

Wiseman is based in London, England, where they make the highest quality handmade cases in the industry. The flute is actually suspended in a Wiseman case, which provides shock absorption if it is in any sort of accident. These cases also have a waterproof seal that prevents moisture from entering, which is crucial to prevent tarnish and damage to the pads and mechanism. The stainless steel hinges and locks make it virtually impossible for the case to open accidentally, making it extra secure.

My husband was with me when I was looking at cases and pushed me to try a Wiseman. He believes that if you’re going to buy something, it should be long-lasting and high quality, and that nothing is “too good” to hold my flute. I couldn’t agree more! My flute is my most prized possession, and I know that I am not alone in that sentiment. Once I felt how secure my flute was in the Wiseman case, I was sold. I could tip this case completely upside down without it falling out! Not to mention the lifetime warranty that Wiseman offers, and the fact that if I ever decide to put a different flute in my Wiseman case, it will actually fit (this is sadly not true for most flute cases.) 

I decided to purchase the French style Wiseman case in wood because it is absolutely stunning, but Flute Center also carries the French style and cylindrical double cases in carbon fiber and leather. The carbon fiber is so lightweight, it really is great when you’re looking to lighten the load you’re carrying. 

After a year of owning my Wiseman case, it is my all-time favorite flute accessory. I recommend these cases whenever I am helping a client choose a case to keep their most prized possession safe and sound. 

By Kristen Wuest

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