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Key Insights: Q&A

Flute Center Presents

Key Insights: Q&A

Live Repair Forum | October 11, 2023 | 4PM ET

Join Flute Center Services Director Lauren Wuerth and Repair Technician David Sheppard for Key Insights: Q+A. During this live virtual event, Lauren and David will cover a range of popular flute repair topics and answer live questions from the audience.

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Lauren Wuerth, a native New Yorker, is a passionately driven contemporary and classical flutist, constantly working to be innovative by pushing new musical boundaries. She holds a Master's Degree from The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen, Denmark, and a Bachelor's degree from the Aaron Copland School of Music, Queens College. 

Lauren is the founder of contemporary music ensembles, INNOVOX and SOUNDS and is continuously working to break the barriers between the classical and contemporary music worlds. She has performed and premiered numerous new works throughout the US and Europe. During her years living in Copenhagen, she frequently freelanced with The Copenhagen Philharmonic,  Athelas Sinfonietta, and Figura Ensemble. Besides being an active performer, Lauren thrives in other aspects of the musical word. She previously held the position as the assistant music director at The Black Diamond, The Royal Danish Library, and is an active teacher, with a private studio previously in CPH and now in NYC. She is thrilled to be the new sheet music manager at Rose Music/ Flute Center of New York. Learn more at


David Sheppard graduated from San Jacinto College with a AA under Dr. Randy Snyder, and went on to purse my BMA EDU at University of Houston under the guidance of Dr. Karen Wylie. While attending took on a part time job as a repair technician at Fleming Instrument Repair in Houston. After working for a few months decided to became a full time technician. After a few years as an apprentice I moved to H&H Music in Spring Texas where I worked diligently for 10 years improving myself and the quality of my work; garnishing a reputation for great work and customer service. During this time I went to study Straubinger installation and advanced flute repair with Adam Martinez at Custom Woodwinds, and later that year attended my Straubinger certification with David and Joel Straubinger. After this achievement I created a repair studio centered around Professional players and their needs. Where professional players, and their students instruments would be looked as if it where a doctors visit, and the instrument is the patient. The model soon took off and I found myself working on almost exclusively higher end flutes, clarinets, and saxophones. During this time I continued to explore my profession and gather knowledge from every possible source. So I sought makers of fine instruments, such as Muramatsu America, Brannen, Selmer Paris, Yamaha, Keilwerth, Buffet. As well as notable repair technicians Wayne and Shelly Tanabe, Tomoji, Tim Clark, Melanie Wong, Guy Chadash, Curt Alterac, Theo Wanne etc. I also spent time reading books by Theobald Bohm, Robert Schmidt etc. and emailing/ calling technicians for all sorts of information. I did all of this to build a set of skills to help my customers instruments play the very best they can. After a decade of working to refine myself and my skills I moved to Ft. Bend Music to take on the role as the Repair Dept. Manager to help improve and expand the ever growing needs of their store and focus on my own small, but growing custom repair shop. Over the next 5 years I achieved my Muramatsu and Schmidt Pad certifications being the only Technician in Texas with all 3 certifications. While that brings us current, it in no way is the end. I still have plans to learn and grow more. At this point my future holds for me what I put into it. I will sum up everything I’ve learned in life with this “If you want to be great at something … get after it”.

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