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Phil Unger, President and Owner / Master Repair Technician

President and Owner / Master Repair Technician

Phil grew up in a house that was filled with the sound of his father's clarinet playing. It makes sense that Phil would pursue a life that revolves around instruments and helping people make music. As a child, Phil learned the Clarinet and later took up the Contrabass clarinet. He later enrolled and attended Ohio University and received a degree in Radio and Television, but over the years he never lost his passion for music. He realized early on that he had an innate ability to take things apart and put them back together again. After taking a repair class at the Heidelberg College in Tiffin, Ohio in 1976, Phil decided to follow his passions for music and repair. He enrolled in the best musical instrument repair program in the country, Allied Repair School in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. It was while at Allied that he discovered his special talent for repairing flutes. He excelled in this department. After spending one year working and training in Wisconsin, Phil moved to Dallas to manage and repair for a large music store. Realizing the need for competency with professional flute repair, he decided he needed to learn much more. The techniques for repairing professional flutes are a world apart from those requirements needed to repair student flutes and require special training. Phil's desire to focus on professional flutes led him to apprentice as a private student with world-renowned repairman and flute maker, Jim Phelan at the Verne Q. Powell Flute Company in Boston. Phil continued his education at Powell by repeat visits to concentrate on different aspects of flute construction and restoration. Working side by side with Jim opened up a whole new world for Phil and really helped him to hone his professional flute repair skills. He opened his first business in 1980 across the street from Fair Park in historic downtown Dallas. Phil relocated his business to the heart of Manhattan. He now spends his days overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Flute Center of New York. Phil invites all to visit the Flute Center. With a unique position in the flute world, you never know who you might meet here!  


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