The William S. Haynes Company, highly regarded for creating the finest handmade musical instruments, is celebrating over 125 years as the oldest maker of Boehm system flutes in America. The company has earned an unparalleled reputation for dedication to exceptional quality in manufacturing superbly crafted flutes. In 2010, it expanded to a state-of-the-art factory in Acton, Massachusetts. Haynes flutes demonstrate the synergy of 21st century technology and the highest artistic integrity.

In the 1930 Haynes Flute Company catalogue, William Sherman Haynes expressed the wish to make a flute that more people could easily acquire. His wish has finally been granted. Wm.S.Haynes Company presents Amadeus by Haynes: an artist quality flute in an accessible price range. Designed by Haynes, the Amadeus step-up line is the first tier of the William S Haynes Company family of flutes. These flutes start in the Haynes Beijing workshop where they are skillfully crafted by experienced and highly trained flutemakers. Upon each flute's arrival in Acton, Massachusetts, our mast flutemakers check ad finish each flute to the highest standard before it leaves the Acton workshop. Each Amadeus flute is a perfect solution to any advancing student, amateur, returning player, of jazz musician in need of an agile and durable flute with the wide range of tone colors only found in a Haynes. Like every Haynes flute, Amadeus has “that sound” — the characteristic purity that is sought after by discriminating flutists the world over ... and now, more easily available to inspire you.