Over thirty years ago the Arista family established a small flutemaking workshop in Boston, Massachusetts. In time, the brothers entered into the craft, each having mastered all aspects of mechanical fabrication and aesthetic detail. Flute virtuoso William Bennett and his friends Adrian Brett, Richard and Chris Taylor introduced critical refinements to the Arista instrument that make this flute unsurpassed in craftsmanship and tonal quality. It is an instrument that, in the words of Mr. Bennett, embodies "That mysterious something that only a few old french flutes have."

Arista headjoints are played by well known soloists, teachers and flute players in major orchestras all around the world for over twenty-five years and are available in silver, 14k rose gold or grenadilla wood. There are few headjoints made nowadays which can equal, both in strength and beauty, the Arista headjoints.

The L2 -style is the perfect combination of strength, beauty and multitude of colors in one headjoint. Preferred by many leading British flute players.

The Tally Style is a beautiful sweet sound with a quick response and clean articulation. A traditional French sound with a modern touch.