Lillian Burkart is simply one of the most gifted piccolo and flute makers of all time. She began her career at the Powell factory, where she made bodies, keys, piccolos, and also padded instruments. She founded her own company in 1982 with her husband Jim Phelan, whose unsurpassed knowledge of instrument design and execution built a team that can't be beat. During the 1980s, Lillian also made headjoints for Powell, and her expertise and reputation for spectacular headjoints created the demand for flutes designed and built under her own name. In 1996, with the help of her husband's engineering expertise, the Lillian Burkart flute was born. Since then, Burkart flutes have been at the cutting edge of flute-making innovation. Burkart flutes are known for their resonance, easy control, and extremes in tonal color and dynamic range. Each key of a Burkart flute or piccolo is designed to be an extension of the human body. The curves, angles, heights, and reactions of the touch pieces maximize technique and minimize fatigue. Burkart flutes enable the flutist to push the performance envelope by giving full voice and limitless technical possibilities to the instrument. Every Burkart flute, piccolo and headjoint truly embodies the motto "The Sound and Feel of Great Design." 

Burkart's Micro-Link™ Mechanism, first introduced in 2007, is an improvement upon all previous pinless mechanisms, this innovative architecture provides stability with two solid 14K white gold rods, reduces weight, and allows the transfer of motion to be very close to the main axle of the keys. By design, the keys are easy to remove for maintenance and adjustments. The simple elegance of Burkart's micro-Link™ mechanism results in equally light spring tension throughout, stable and balanced response for both the right and left hands, and lightning-fast action. Burkart's Micro-Link Mechanism is standard on all Professional and Elite flutes.