All Nagahara Flutes are made by hand in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, using a combination of the Traditional Boston craftsmanship technique and Japanese ingenuity. The Nagahara Flutes, headjoints and Minis are the instruments of choice for many flutists who enjoy the versatility, precision and artistry attained through our instruments. Exclusively made and designed by Kanichi Nagahara, every Nagahara headjoint possesses a different charm and characteristics to fit the many styles of flute playing. Whether you are an orchestral flutist, a student or a recreational flutist, Nagahara has a headjoint for you, offering the largest selection of headjoint cuts and materials in the industry.

Diligente (D) - Most resistant cut with tallest riser wall height; produces a dark and centered core tone. Great response in lower register notes; requires more air support for long or pianissimo phrases.

Ardore  (A) - Bright, open sound & free-blowing feel. Embodies the American Flute sound with much vibrancy and strength in the sound; widest cut  we offer with lowest riser wall height.

Spianato  (S) - Traditional, more conservative cut for smaller ensemble playing. A bit more oval in shape; made to portray a soft and sweet sounding voice.

DA -  A cross between the “D” and “A” cut.  Even flexibility & resistance throughout all registers. The most popular cut selection among flutists of all levels offering a great mixture and balance of warmth, vibrancy, color change, and clear articulation.

DS -  A cross between the “D” and “S” cut. Medium resistance with a more delicate and sweet sound. Great for chamber ensemble playing.

Galway (G) - Made with a unique lipplate design that enhances projection power and embodies the vibrant sound  Sir James Galway is known & praised for. Provides flexibility & clean articulation with ease through all registers.

Konami Lipplate -  A hand hammered wave on the lipplate lightly raising the sides of the riser enabling a more focused and direct sound. Great for those who seek a clear and focused tone instantly with little effort.