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Holiday Gift Guide

As the festive season approaches, get ready to explore Flute Center's 2023 Holiday Gift Guide! With a wide range of options, we've got you covered for all your gift-giving needs. Don't wait until the last minute, start browsing our guide today and find the perfect present for the flutist on your list.

Keep their flute safe and stylish this winter in this Red Patent Leather Fluterscooter bag. The plush, white interior insulates while the red patent leather exterior provides waterproof protection. Is red not their favorite color? Shop all Fluterscooter bags to find the perfect bag!

2. Hercules Triple Flute Stand - $48.99 USD 
Looking for a practical gift? Every flutist should have a Hercules Flute Stand! Whether they need the triple stand pictured here, a lightweight single flute stand, a standard single flute stand with piccolo peg, or an alto flute stand, flute stands are perfect for keeping their upright, ready to play! 

Want to purchase an instrument for your flutist, but unsure what they really want? Gift a flute trial and let your flutist try before you buy! Simply contact a Resident Flutist or submit a Trial Request form, and we will help your flutist find the perfect gift - no guesswork about it.

4. BG Microfiber Pad Cleaner - $7.00 USD
The perfect stocking stuffer for all woodwind players - a BG Microfiber pad cleaner! This re-usable, highly absorbent pad cleaner helps combat sticky pads.

Flutists love Lefreques because they can improve the overtones, projection, and flexibility of their instruments. Give the gift of a new sound this holiday season, without purchasing an entirely new flute! The 41mm size is the most commonly chosen size for flutes, 33mm for piccolo, and 76mm for alto or bass flute. Browse all LeFreQues and find the perfect one!

6. Flute Center Mug - $5.00 USD
We all know flutists need their coffee (or tea), so what better gift than a Flute Center Mug?

This bag has high gloss thick leather, a lined outside pocket, a plush, white shearling interior, two adjustable interior straps to snugly fit any style case! It also fits both a flute and piccolo or a double flute/piccolo case, making it extremely practical for any flutist!

8. ROI Master Cleaner for Flute - $36.00 USD
Every flutist needs to keep their flute clean! That’s where the ROI Master Cleaner for Flute comes in. Designed to dry a flute in one pass, this gift will keep their flute clean and dry.

Flowers wilt, but Robertson Rose Crowns last a lifetime. This bespoke-crafted crown allows your flutist to personalize their flute and can even change its playing characteristics. Check out our whole line of Peter Robertson Crowns, starting at just $35.00.
Maintaining wooden instruments over colder months can be stressful, but not with Flute Center's Wood Care Kit!
11. Flutissimo Canvas Bag - $650.00 USD
Carry your flutes in style with this Flutissimo Canvas Bag! Sold exclusively at Flute Center, these  bags are a must to carry your flute & piccolo around in! 
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