Paula Robison, International Soloist

Phil Unger and Flute Center of New York are shining, joyful beacons to all of us. Phil has rescued me many times with flute repair, sold flutes for me when it was time to part with them (comforting me and finding the perfect owners so I knew the instruments would be
happy), loaned me an instrument for an emergency première, and even given me a glass of great red wine so I'd feel more easy in an interview with the divine "Flutronix."

Most Importantly, Flute Center has provided me with laughter, good stories, an unfailingly positive artistic worldview, and most of all, at the center of it all, fine fine craftsmanship and a deep knowledge of and passion for their work.

Bravo and THANK YOU, Phil Unger and Flute Center of New York!

Paula Robiso​n​, International Soloist
Donna Hieken Flute Chair
New England Conservatory