Sir James Galway, The Living Legend of the Flute

Living in Switzerland has one major drawback - it is too far away from the Flute Center of New York! This is the place I like to go when I'm in New York. It's run by my lifelong friend, Phil Unger, and a fantastic team who are there to answer all your questions and demonstrate the flutes for you. All this by a team of young professionals led by Julian Rose, an upcoming young star in the flute world.

If you live in the New York area I recommend that you drop in and take advantage of the team. If you live somewhere else in America, the Flute Center team will speak to you personally or on the phone and send you some flutes to try in your own home. They stock top of the line flutes and the latest in student flutes.

I like being in the Flute Center just to hang out. I often speak to Phil on Skype and last time I did this I got to say hi to my friend and colleague Emmanuel Pahud who was visiting the shop that day. You never know who you will meet during a visit to Phil Unger's Flute Center, which makes it so very special.

The Flute Center of New York, the place to be.

Sir James Galway