Sergio Pallotelli, Flute Virtuoso

I think it was 1996 or so, and I was just starting my journey in the US. Of course my flute needed repair and I had no idea where to send it. Somebody suggested Phil Unger in NYC. I sent it immediately, I lived in Utah at that point, and once I got my flute back I chatted with Phil on the phone and that was the start of an amazing friendship.

Since, I have bought flutes and sold ones through Phil and the Flute Center of NYC. Today I play the most beautiful flute I have ever played, and of course Phil made it possible for me.

There are many memories, laughs, meals, drinks and plain old good conversations that are too numerous to tell in a short moment. But this is the kind of human contact that one is exposed to when walking into the Flute Center of New York: something magical and special will always happen, whether it be an amazing flute falling into your hands, or a glass of rare wine finds its way to you palate, or some fantastic other flutist be in the shop. Friendships are made, meals are shared, flutes are fixed, flutes are matched with new owners. This is life. This is love. This is music. This is the Flute Center of New York.

Thank you Phil!


Sergio Pallotelli
Flute Virtuoso