Robert Langevin, New York Phiharmonic

The Flute Center of New York has been an invaluable resource for countless flutists who have passed through the city in addition to those of us who work there. There have been numerous times when I would be in a morning rehearsal and something wrong was happening to my instrument. I would call Phil and he would tell me to bring it over and it would be fixed in time for that evening's concert by his wonderful repairmen.

There is also a continuing stock of instruments, old and new to try if anyone needs to buy something for a student or a friend. The service is always impeccable and the people are incredibly helpful. At any time you can meet flutists from all over the world who are in town for a concert and possibly have a meal with them; it is a great meeting place. I feel very fortunate that we have this resource in our own city. Long live the Flute Center!"

Robert Langevin
Principal Flute, New York Philharmonic
The Lila Acheson Wallace Chair