Ali Ryerson

One of the things I love best whenever I visit the Flute Center of NY is the sense of community I feel the moment I walk in the door. Anyone who knows the FCNY, is already hip to what a great guy Phil Unger is, and that he loves to be surrounded by his friends, most of whom are flute players! It's like one big family, starting with the dream team that works with Phil, namely, Julian, Becca, Emily and Claude. But my favorite thing about Phil has nothing whatever to do with his shop, although it's undoubtedly the reason he started his business in the first place. Phil loves the music. In fact, he actually cares about what we do with those beautiful flutes after we've bought them. He not only loves his flute players, he comes out to hear us play - and often! Whether it's in the city or at our flute conventions, Phil supports us.  It's probably the biggest reason why I love to stop by the Flute Center whenever I'm in town. Here's a guy who gets that it's not just about business, it's actually about the music.