Yamaha Flutes represent the perfect combination of artistic excellence and technical perfection. Yamaha began building instruments in 1887, and the Yamaha tradition of producing premium quality instruments with outstanding value continues in the latest update to the Yamaha lineup of handmade flutes. Yamaha flute designers began by re-examining every feature of a handmade flute, focusing on updating all design specifications, no matter if it be fundamental or ornate, substantial or minute. Following in the long tradition of old-world, hand-crafted flutes, Yamaha introduces the most advanced, precise and detailed 21st century technologies. The new Yamaha professional flutes have been reinvented to meet the needs of the high school, college and professional level flutist! Through vertical integration, many of the most advanced features of the new artist-inspired Handmade flutes have been applied to the new Yamaha 500, 600, and 700 series professional flutes. All professional flutes are heat treated through an annealing process that allows the instrument to vibrate more freely, providing optimal response and beautiful resonance. The new hand-finished sterling silver headjoint features a specially designed lip plate that is modeled after that of the hand cut Type A headjoint. Additionally, the 600 and 700 series flutes feature Straubinger Phoenix pads and a .43mm wall thickness.