Andrea Brachfeld, Award-Winning Latin/Jazz Flutist

Phil Unger and staff at the Flute Center of New York are hands down the nicest guy in the flute business. His generosity and loving natures overflows into how he handles each customer with care and genuine concern. Our business deals have always been more than fair and have always exceeded my expectations.

He obviously knows flutes, but more important, he knows people. And that quality alone is what I believe sets him apart from all others in the business. As a result of this atmosphere that he has nurtured and created in and around himself, he attracts the same type of people to work for him. Rebecca and Julian are the best and always make me feel welcome whenever I call or just pop in.

I've never had any complaints about any flute repair work as each concern is carefully listened to and dealt with until I am totally satisfied. And yes, there are those phone calls I get every once in awhile from Phil letting me know that yet another person is in the shop who only speaks Spanish and he immediately puts them on the phone with me! He has always been a solid supporter of my music, which is always improvisational in nature and at the moment is Jazz!!

Andrea BrachfeldLatin/Jazz FlutistComposer, Band-Leader, Educator